People who just don’t care

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On this journey called life, you will meet so many types of people. There will be those who will make you believe in love again after a terrible heartbreak, there will be some who will push you to follow your dreams, telling you that…yes, you can!!, there will be friends who will be there when you’ll need them the most, reminding you that every storm has an end, and there will be people who will make you cry or feel miserable, even if you will never understand why they are doing such a thing.

You will most probably experience at least once, if not several times during your existence, a very interesting category of human beings, maybe the most tragic one, those who pretend to be your friends, the love of your life, but who, in fact, don’t really care about you. And the moment you’ll understand that…they really don’t care…you will keep asking yourself how can people so close to me just…not care? How can it be so easy for them to say ‘OK. If this is what you want…’,when all that you want is not to give up on them, but to see that they really care.

You’re exaggerating!

It’s only in your mind!

How many times have you heard this from people you loved? And it’s always so very frustrating to try to explain yourself, over and over again, and then realize that the other person doesn’t give two cents. Because the truth is, if he/she cared, he/she would have tried to pay attention to what you were saying. If your feelings were important for them too, he/she would have tried to be more attentive not only to what he/she was saying but also to the way in which things were being said. Because how we’re saying things…matter! Words are not just words. Words reveal true character.

And you refuse to give up on them…for months, years, or even a lifetime. Even if their indifference breaks your heart, even if you clearly see that their ego is more important than your friendship, relationship…they matter to you. You observe the facts but you’re in denial because deep down, you’re hoping that a miracle will happen and they will change, they will finally care about you, they will see and hear you, they will be not who they are, but those you’re expecting them to be.

But the hard truth about careless people is that…they really don’t care. They might suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, as specialists are calling it. They know what they are doing, but they are selfish, toxic and no matter how hard you’re trying to understand why are they acting like this? they will keep doing their thing, blaming you for their own actions. No intention of changing will ever eventuate. And it’s only up to you to DECIDE if they really deserve a seat at your table.

So ask yourself now…is this what you want? Are they worthy of your time and energy? Because life is too short to waste it on people who will never care. And you really deserve to be surrounded by those who can care about you. As you are worthy of dignity, value, love, and respect.

People are who they are and, try as you might, you cannot make them be what you want them to be.

Leila Sales

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